Liberty London has built an incredible floating velvet bonsai inside the store for Christmas

The Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

Christmas is coming and stores are already rolling out the decorations.

And Liberty London has a really incredible look this year.

The department store has created a colourful bonsai tree from fabric, that hangs from the ceiling through the middle of the iconic store.

Known as The Tree of Liberty, it’s made from blue velvet branches and real reindeer moss.

Baubles, gifts and exotic animals are perched across the elaborate tree, which was unveiled on Tuesday.

It’s based on a poem by Gabrielle Djanogly, which tells the story of an All-Seeing Owl and the vision he had for a magical tree.

People on social media have fallen in love with the creative decorations, with the post showing the first glimpse of the tree getting over 17,000 likes on Instagram.

One person said: ‘This is the most creative Christmas tree. Adore the enchanting story too.’

Another added: ‘I’m breathless. Absolutely divine.’

The Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

The Tree of Liberty (Picture: Liberty London)

Gifts on the Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

Each branch holds gifts and decorations (Picture: Liberty London)

‘Wow! stunningly beautiful I adore the sculptural tree. The velvet animals peacock and the gorgeous colours!’ another fan said.

The whole theme runs through the store and even the windows tie into the idea of the story.

Liberty isn’t the only store doing a new take on a traditional Christmas display.

The Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

It’s made with real moss (Picture: Liberty London)

Selfridges unveiled their Christmas display in October, featuring a futuristic silver Santa and symbolic representations of well-known family tales in each window.

‘Future Fantasy: A Christmas For Modern Times’ is the theme across all its store windows in London, Birmingham, Manchester and even online.

The Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

A meerkat! (Picture: Liberty London)

The Liberty london Tree of Liberty for Christmas

And a beautiful peacock! (Picture: Liberty London)

Themes include the Enchanted Forest, Rapunzel, Princess and the Pea and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Window shopping is so much more exciting at this time of year.

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