Bounce your way to a toned bum and thighs with this rebounding workout

rebounding class - people working out on mini trampolines

Rebounding could be the answer. Tough enough to get you breathless and work every muscle in your body, but fun enough to get you laughing like a maniac – you might find yourself quickly hooked by this bounce-based activity.

If anything can encourage you to get excited about working out it has to be the prospect of bouncing on a tiny trampoline with a club-worthy soundtrack. We’ll take that over hill sprints any day.

As well as the fun element, rebounding is an incredible way to tone your bum, legs and core – to keep your balance and power your body upwards you need some serious stability, and your lower body will be firing. It’s no wonder rebounding classes are booming in popularity in the UK.

Leigh Cronin is 53 and has arthritis. She is living proof that rebounding can have significant benefits for everyone – no matter your age or ability.

‘Somebody recommended I try Bounce – because it’s really good on the joints,’ Leigh tells

‘I came along to the class and for the first time in my life, I felt like I loved exercise.

rebounding class - people working out on mini trampolines

‘It just makes you feel young. Honestly – I feel ten years younger.’ (Picture: Getty)

‘I hate the gym, I have always hated exercising, but I just love the energy of Bounce. I love the girls here – they’re all brilliant. A lot of them are very young, but I feel really connected with them all.

‘It has helped me massively. In every way. My arthritis is really good at the moment. My legs are a lot stronger and I have so much more energy. If I don’t come for a few days I feel absolutely lost.

‘I think it’s a good way of exercising because it’s fun, there’s no high-impact on the joints, anybody, at any age can do this. It just makes you feel young. Honestly – I feel ten years younger.’

What are the benefits of rebounding?

Provides increased G-force

Having an increased gravitational load improves your health and helps your body by strengthening your musculoskeletal systems.

Improves endurance

Bouncing for more than 20 minutes at a moderate level of intensity will help to improve your anaerobic fitness and strengthen your heart, so you can keep going for longer.

Improves balance

Rebounding increases your responsiveness to the mechanisms in the inner ear which are responsible for your sense of balance.

Boosts core strength

The balance needed to stabilise your body will help to strengthen and tone the muscles in your abdomen and the surrounding areas.


All you need is a mini trampoline and a small amount of space. Or you can attend group classes. And you don’t have to be super-fit to try it out. It’s even suitable for people returning from injury.

Full-body workout

Rebounding involves every muscle group in the body – which means you can improves tone in every area.

Eleesha De Silva is a professional dancer and one of the lead instructors at ((BOUNCE)) in Kennington, London.

‘It is so different to any floor-based workout that I’ve done. It’s actually three times more effective as well because of the added gravity and G-force of the trampoline,’ she explains.

‘You actually lose weight a lot faster than with other forms of exercise – on average you can lose around 200 calories per class. The workout and the intensity of the workout is only what you make it. That’s why we’re able to welcome all ages and abilities.

‘It really has become a family.

‘We call our attendees our “Bounce Army” because we’re unstoppable, we’re a force to be reckoned with. The ladies don’t just come here for the workout, they come for each other.

‘I am a professionally trained dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was two. After I finished my training and I was auditioning, I really wanted something different to keep myself fit.

‘I didn’t think I would like anything more than dancing – until they said, go and do it on a trampoline, so I thought – why not give that a try.’

((BOUNCE)) classes are available all over the country – at more than 200 venues.

Their signature class is one hour and features 45 mins of choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines and finishes with 15 minutes of toning.

But there are loads of other class variations too – including Bounce Blast, Bounce Bootcamp and Bounce Balance.


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