Author: Derek Slay

These are the UK’s most hated items of clothing

There are certain items of clothing we know everyone hates, but we wear them anyway – because they’re comfy or because we like them and don’t care what anyone thinks. A pair of jeans that are so ripped they’re falling apart. A T-shirt with a truly ridiculous slogan on the front. Those weird barefoot trainers. Trying to […]

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Illustration of a woman holding her baby bump, with flowers a pair of children

Is it safe to do cardio when you’re pregnant?

When you get pregnant your first thought will likely be that you need to start being careful. Really careful. You’re now carrying your most precious cargo inside your own body – so no more tequila slammers, or running red lights because you’re late for work – that’s a given. But just how careful do you […]

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International Yoga Day: we celebrate with Shona Vertue!

To mark International Yoga Day, we caught up with yoga teacher, personal trainer, author and YouTuber Shona Vertue, to find out why she recommends yoga to everyone. Shona’s childhood revolved around gymnastics, and later dance, but found herself left with old injuries and a less active life. It was then she discovered the power of […]

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Image result for Britney Young Says GLOW Allows the Cast to Be ‘Strong and Beautiful at the Same Time’

Britney Young Says GLOW Allows the Cast to Be ‘Strong and Beautiful at the Same Time’

GLOW star Britney Young is opening up about how the hit Netflix series embraces body positivity in new ways — and how it offered her unique opportunities as a “plus-sized” actress.   The actress appeared on PEOPLE’s Chatter on Wednesday alongside her costar Sydelle Noel ahead of the show’s season 2 premiere, and wasted no time in pointing out the […]

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We review the most comfy women’s trainers and shoes

Do you ever struggle to find comfortable walking shoes or women’s trainers? There’s nothing quite as annoying as forking out for a comfy looking shoe, only to find yourself covered in blisters within minutes. If you’re planning a city break with lots of walking, a fitness challenge, or just want a pair of trainers that won’t […]

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12 fitness hacks for fast fat loss!

Fitness hacks for faster fat loss!

Want to get the most out of your gym membership and prevent a weight-loss plateau? These fitness hacks by trainer Nolan Sunnassee will boost your fitness results. Schedule gym time Do this for each week of the month just as you would pencil in time for a trip to the dentist or doctor. Don’t leave […]

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Cherish The Chill

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE greeting a frosty dawn when you need motivation to get moving. And whether you keep fit through winter on the saddle of your bike as you freewheel down a hillside, by jogging past icy lakes as the sun sets or simply on your morning walk to work, you’ll not only be enjoying […]

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David Attenborough christmas jumper (Picture: notjust)

David Attenborough Christmas jumpers are here

Sir David Attenborough Christmas jumpers are here. We all know the 92-year-old is a national treasure and now you can wear his face throughout the festive season. It might be the perfect thing to wear when you’re snuggling up on the sofa to watch his latest show Dynasties.   (Picture: notjust) It features Sir David […]

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